Pioneer Koki Co.,Ltd. is a company which is developing and manufacturing industrial machineries. Our main products are the machineries for adhesive tape production and we are recognized as the leading company within the tape industry in the world.
Especially, our multi-spindle lathe slitter for which we hold the whole patent can slit multiple log rolls simultaneously and automatically. Now, our multi-spindle lathe slitter is indispensable for tape manufacturing and we are exporting to North America, Europe, etc.
for various kind of tapes
In 1994, the Minister of Science and Technology Ministry Award was given to Pres.Shunetsu Abe. Following year, the Yellow Ribbon Award(National Award) was also given to him appraising his achivement concerning technology diffusion. 1996 is the 50th memorial year in the machinery business for our President Shunetsu Abe. He founded Abe Kikai Seisakusyo(former organization of PNK) 50 years ago. Holding the customers' credit that we have got in 50 years, Pioneer Koki is heading for the future creating our own, new technology. Shirakawa Works
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