Product feature

  • Fully automatic type: 4-axis turret type shaft winding type, which automatically sets paper tubes, cuts sheets, and dispenses products. Fully automatic rewinding is possible, including in-line winding that winds directly from the coater and calendar, and rewinding that creates small rolls from jumbo rolls.
  • Semi-automatic type: Turret type or single axis type. The operator is responsible for setting the paper tube on the take-up shaft, cutting and pasting the sheet, and removing the product.
  • Check the tension with the tension controller and handle high tension and low tension.
  • Optional attachment of mouth-watering paper, release paper winding device, trimming mechanism, etc. can be installed.


3 inch paper core modelsmall paper core model
Fully automatic winderPNK-024LPNK-024S
Fully automatic rewinderPNK-294PNK-294S
Semi-automatic rewinderPNK-282PNK-282S


paper core inner dia. × length3″×1,550mm1″×1,400mm
Seat width1,480 mm1,300 mm
Maximum winding diameter230mm100mm
Maximum winding speed200m/分150m/分
Maximum line speed100m/分55m/分
Winding accuracy+0.2m+0.2m
Sheet cutting methodSaw blade or circular bladeSaw blade or circular blade
Tension controlAutomatic tension control deviceAutomatic tension control device
tension1000N max.600N max.
OtherMouth paper sticking device,
release paper winding device option
Mouth paper sticking device,
release paper winding device option
  • This is just an example. It may change depending on the model of the device, the size of the product to be cut, etc.