Product feature

  • Cut one or two adhesive tapes at the same time
  • Adopting a turret type, it is possible to remove the product cut on the other shaft during cutting and attach the original fabric.
  • By exchanging the cutting shaft and chuck claw, one unit can handle various paper tube sizes.
  • Free rotation and forced rotation can be selected for the round blade, and fine cutting conditions can be set according to the blade angle change.
  • By registering the data, the setup change is completed instantly.
  • Non-adhesive film can be cut with a saw blade (optional)


cut at the same timemodel
1 logPNK-792
2 logsPNK-942


og outer dia×length3″×1,600mm
og outer dia×length~250 mm×1,550mm
slitting width5~1,500 mm
slitting width accuracy±0.1mm
bladecircular blade free rotation・Drive rotation
Blade angle changeAutomatic 5 positions (first time, middle 1, 2, 3, final)
Cutting ability2~8 sec/cut
Log rotation speed400~1,200 rpm
  • This is just an example. It may change depending on the model of the device, the size of the product to be cut, etc.